THE BEAR + Abstinence & Mutt!

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by Annand and Wreckshop + LoSarro - The  longest growth story Wreckshop and Annand did for us.  Female muscle growth (FMG) and getting in touch with nature.  Fem goes up against a Grizzly Bear!  And soon has her once Macho and abusive boyfriend in his proper place! + 2 more FMG (Muscle Growth) stories.  Lisa visits a very tall & wide fortune teller and gets a potion to help her build muscle faster - much faster.  A warning about having sex while using it, she ignores and …!  Next: Little Sally, constantly picked on by the bigger girls at her gym until Doc shows her a secret formula called "Nitro" but won't let her take it.  But she gets into it anyway.  The delayed results are staggering for all involved! NOW 91 pgs.!


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