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By Zero Galvan & LH - Sexy Tonya  has hit a rough spot in her life and needs to get a new Sugar-Daddy under her thumb (actually, her foot) again.  Her first prospect is such a slim-ball she just literally beats him to the point of death!

Then Tanya breaks in on an old boyfriend's the High Class party and a challenge soon leads to her being in a private ring with all the high-class guest betting and cheering them on in their savage & sexy MMA battle…BRUTAL!

2nd story is about Hitler's secret plans for ayranian race dominance in the mixed fighting ring. Which gets turned on it's head by a sexy Jewish woman who is an agent for the allies on a mission to find a target to bomb.  It end's in Israel with her Grand daughter trashing Netanyahu's Body guard after refusing to work for the Zionist regime… 34 pgs. NEW LOWER PRICE!



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