Vickis Vengence

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VICKI'S VENGENCE  by LH & RA - We first meet a younger Vicki getting a couple swats at school for something she didn't do. But she knows the guy who set her up and goes after him!  She hauls him to the Principal's office, but still he manages to get her into further trouble!  Vicki eventually gets her first revenge on this guy after school and in her mother's basement gym. Soon this powerful young blonde is rearranging Danny-boy's whole outlook on the boy/girl relationship while nearly killing him between her muscular thighs! Then we'll move ahead almost five years to when these two meet again. Vicki is now a popular college cheerleader and a sports femjock, while Dan is a wimp who has come of age with a strong attraction for powerfully built females (wonder why?). He gets caught in the act of peeping in on one of Vicki's NUDE workouts and Vicki gives it to him good this time. Taking him home with her and completely subjugating him to her-and her mother's-brand of sexy, physically-superior domination!  43 pgs. NEW LOWER PRICE!


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